3 thoughts on “The Ghastling: Book 14

  1. Hello.
    I really liked your story, but I did not understand the ending.
    Could you please explain a little about what happens to the Doctor, and Sheppard and Harris characters.
    Thank you and keep writing. 🙂

  2. Hi, thanks so much for reading it! For me, The Fireman is about shame. Sheppard has been driven by shame into killing his lovers – he’s afraid they will reveal his secrets, hence the fireman opening his mouth as if to speak. At the end, the doctor can either go inside the boiler room and face the fireman and his love for Harris, or continue to bury those feelings.

  3. I figured that the Doctor and Harris were involved, but you made it so subtle that I wanted to make sure. Great job.
    Does Harris die?
    Also, are you working on any new short stories?

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