Spectres of The Silent Age

Popcorn? Check. Ice cream? Check. Unholy masses of gummy worms teeming with e-numbers? Shovel that filth into your face. It’s Halloween, and as I’m on a bit of a silent film binge at the moment, I’ve put together a list of early horror for your perusal.

All these have had soundtracks added by creative Youtubers. Maybe you can substitute your own? ‘Tis the season for Rob Zombie, after all…

Auguste and Louis Lumiere’s Le Squelette Joyeux (1897)

Segundo de Chomón’s The Red Spectre (1907)

Georges Méliès’ The 400 Tricks of The Devil (1906)

Segundo de Chomón’s The Haunted House (1908)

Georges Méliès’ The Devil In A Convent (1899)


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