BBC News: “Winds of 80mph are expected to sweep across the East of England today in what could be the worst storm in 30 years…”
Brain: “Wear the big floaty skirt.”
Me: “What?”
Brain: “Wear it. The big floaty skirt. Wear it outside.”
Me: “In 80mph winds?”
Brain: “Floaty.”
Me: “But -”
Brain: “Wear the big floaty skirt.”

I am wearing the big floaty skirt.


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  1. Um, yes! As long as the proper underthings are also being worn, of course you wear the big floaty skirt in wind! In such a case I’m partial to striped bloomers or cropped ruffled leggings for more interest when revealed.

    Hello, newish reader here!

  2. It is quite possible our brains are friends. Mine also likes to make me wear pretty fancy dresses all the time, whether it is windy, or boiling hot! 😛

    They probably plot together…

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