Do you know a tall, skinny person?

Does this tall, skinny person have long fingers and toes?

Do they need glasses? Have stretchmarks? Feel the cold? Tend to faint?

Can they do this?


Or, worse yet, this?


If so, there’s a chance they could have Marfan Syndrome. Show them this website. It only takes a moment, it won’t offend them, and it could save their life.


2 thoughts on “Do you know a tall, skinny person?

  1. Someone who knows someone I know on FB posted a link to this and I went THAT’S WHERE VERITY HAS GONE! Hello! You stopped posting on LJ (like everyone) and since then I’ve been wondering where you are, how you’re doing etc on a fairly regular basis.

  2. Ahaha! Hello! Yes, I haven’t been to LJ in yonks. I feel a bit guilty about it, as I met so many great people there, but it was becoming a ghost town. I’m on Twitter though: verity_holloway. How the devil are you?

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