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Hey, authors! Let’s work together.

We all benefit from an editor. No matter how intimately you know your manuscript, small mistakes can still elude you, narrative puzzles keep you awake at night, and rough edges cry out for that all-important polish.

A fresh pair of eyes is often all it takes to elevate a manuscript from decent to great. A good editor will listen to your hopes and intentions for the piece and do their best to bring the best out of it. Let’s get this done together.

Perhaps your novel is almost ready to see the light of day, but something doesn’t quite click. Maybe you’ve completed NanoWriMo for the first time and think your manuscript has legs, or you’re new to a form, such as an artist putting together a script for a graphic novel. I offer three editing and evaluation services. Take a look and see which option fits your needs.

Copy editing

A copy edit is a purely technical evaluation of a completed manuscript. I will check and correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and capitalisation. This is especially vital if you’re thinking of self-publishing.

Line editing

A line edit is the most comprehensive manuscript review I offer. If you’ve written something you believe in and want to give it the best chance, I will go line by line, checking flow, tone and clarity, while weeding out pacing problems, clunky sentences and those dreaded clichés. This isn’t a hack job, this is a fresh pair of eyes. Let me know if there’s something in particular you struggle with. Dialogue, tenses, run-on sentences, I’ll comb your manuscript for any literary tangles and help you get the best out of your hard work. I’ll say nice things, too! Promise.

Editing prices

Less than 1000 words: £30
1k – 3k: £40 to £60
3k – 7k: £70 to £90
7k – 14k: £100 to £150
14k – 40k: £150 to £300
40k – 80k: £300 to £500
80k – 100k: £500 to £600

All prices are in line with the SFEP’s current guidelines.

Manuscript Evaluation

Manuscript evaluations are good for writers who’ve worked hard on a draft and need a holistic outside perspective. I’ll read your whole piece and write a report with comments, queries, and advice tailored to you and your plans for the piece. I’ll look at character, plot, pacing, and clarity. A manuscript evaluation is best for authors who’ve been working on a story for so long, they feel they can no longer ‘see’ it. If something in particular is bothering you, let me know and I’ll focus on it.

Evaluation Prices
Up to 3k: £60
3k to 10k: up to £125
10k to 50k: up to £300
50k to 100k: up to £500

Get in touch

Email me with your thoughts on which editing service you think you need, the length of your manuscript, and a little about yourself and your writing life so far. If you have a website, include a link. Please don’t send manuscripts without contacting me first.

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